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Thermal Spray

Thermal spraying is a process in which metallic and non-metallic materials are deposited in a molten or semi-molten form on a prepared substrate, imparting properties that the substrate would not otherwise possess.

What is Thermal Spray? These processes make it possible to apply an extensive array of specialized materials including pure metals, alloys, superalloys (such as Hastelloys and Inconels), Cermets (carbides or ceramic metals), ceramics and some plastics.*

Our spray shop, with a combined space of more than 90,000 square feet, incorporates all types of thermal spray equipment, and robotic auxiliary equipment as well as a fully equipped machining and grinding shop.

Thermal spraying services:

  • Plasma (80 kW system)
  • Combustion wire O.D. and I.D.
  • Twin wire arc O.D. and I.D.
  • Rokide™
  • HVOF (JP-5000™ & Jet-Kote™ and Diamond Jet®)
  • Combustion powder
  • Spray & fuse
  • HVAF (M3) OD and ID down to 7”

*See materials list for details of our more commonly used materials.