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Metallographic Lab

To ensure that the coatings and cladding we provide meet the highest standards, we have a comprehensive testing lab on the premises that is permanently staffed. ASTM compliant and custom reports are produced to client requirements. Third-party verification is also available from a non-destructive testing company co-located on our compound in an outbuilding. Here are some of the features of our service:

- Staff metallurgist
- Sample/coupon preparation
     ASTM E1920 Metallographic sample prep for thermal spray coatings
     Bond line contamination
- Microscopy evaluation
- Surface visual comparators for cleanliness and/or contamination
- Image analysis
     ASTM E2190-01 Determine porosity visual and image analysis
- Surface profile readings
     ASTM D7127-05 Surface roughness with profilometers
- Adhesion tests for bond and tensile strength
     ASTM C633-01(2008) Bond strength of thermal spray coatings
     ASTM D4541 - 09e1 Standard test method for pull-off strength of coatings using portable adhesion testers
- Light optical
- Hardness evaluation micro, macro and portable
     ASTM E0018-05E01 Rockwell hardness and superficial hardness
     ASTM E384-09 Micro hardness