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Coating Finishing for Ball Valves

FW Gartner has a long and successful history of providing innovative coating solutions for challenging applications.

Quality Coating Systems

For decades, we have been the industry vanguard for cultivating new coating technologies across a broad range of ball valve types, sizes and substrates. These components are required to work across a range of industries in some of the most severe environments imaginable and so achieving unique coating properties that include corrosive, abrasive and erosive wear, as well as thermal protection has required considerable development in not only the coating application but also the coating finishing technology.

Our coating systems not only include coatings that exhibit properties which make them ideally suited to their harsh operating environments, they also include innovative solutions to achieve the finishes required to seal components at the extreme temperatures and pressures frequently required.

The development of our spherical CNC machining capabilities has produced unique methods for machining coatings exhibiting macro-hardness in excess of 60HRC. Our spherical grinding expertise is consistently capable of producing near perfect spheres on ball components with carbide and ceramic coatings that exhibit micro-hardness in excess of 1400HV300.

Consistent and repeatable seal lapping technology

Achieving the seals required for elevated temperature and high pressure applications requires advanced lapping techniques. Our latest evolution in lapping technology incorporates substantial improvements over traditional equipment design. Depending on the valve design, this equipment is capable of lapping two seats simultaneously to ensure complete sealing on any surface of the ball circumference. This not only reduces overall lapping time but removes much of the technique dependency exhibited by previously used lapping techniques. The technology is capable of consistently meeting or exceeding any customer requirement.